Yoga class

We offer a variety of class options for all yogis. Intensity and suggested skill level does vary depending on the type of class, however, we do welcome all practitioners and experience levels to come and join us for any of our classes.

Pure Basics

It is taught in a warm, NOT hot room to accommodate those that are new yoga. This is a vinyasa flow class that links breath with movement, as it detoxifies and heals your body. This class will move a little slower to allow beginners to feel comfortable. You will develop, strength, stamina, flexibility leading you to state of transformation and empowerment. ** Excellent for beginners

Hip Hop Yoga Flo

When you want a yoga practice that feels like a dance party, hit up Hip Hop Flo. Start your Friday on a high with this 65 minute vinyasa yoga class set to upbeat music ranging from hip hop, to old school rap, to deep house. It is held in a warm room and takes on a very fun, lighthearted atmosphere in which students can build strength and flexibility while grooving to some amazing beatz! A perfect way to start your weekend! ** Some songs make include profanity

Pure Flo

An invigorating, dynamic class that combines strength, sweat and spirituality with the added element of music. This class links breath with movement as it detoxifies and heals your body. It will empower and transform your body, mind and spirit. You will develop strength, stamina and flexibility leading you to empowerment. It will sculpt and tone the muscles of your body and your mind. Modifications and variations for postures will be given, allowing each student to experience the full benefits of each posture.

Pure Warm Flo

A great class for all levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners! With less heat and more focus on breath work and alignment, this invigorating practice will have you sweating, but allow you to move mindfully through the postures, without being overwhelmed by the heat. This class will focus on strength, core and flexibility while incorporating lots of options to modify and simplify postures to allow any experience level to try new things.


AMP UP our signature Pure Flo class and take your postures to the next level! This class takes our Pure Flo class and spices it up! Additional arm balances, creative inversions and different core strengthening exercises are incorporated for an extra physical challenge. Students are encouraged to work deeper mentally and physically throughout this flo class. **Experience of our Pure Flo class recommended

Pure Tradition

A series of 26 postures performed in a specific order. This class systematically works the entire body, concentrating on the essence of every organ, bone, joint, muscle, ligament, tendon, blood, vessel, nerve and gland. This class incorporates strength, balance and flexibility and teaches you to ground yourself into each pose, stimulating your mind, restoring and shaping our body, mind and spirit.


JOGA is an athletic style of yoga that blends postures and sports movements so athletes can find more balance, strength and flexibility. Using a systematic approach to breathing, alignment and core strength, Joga participants benefit from the "prehab to rehab" exercises that prevent injuries and help one recover from injuries faster. It is great for athletes of all abilities and is a great addition to any training program.

Pure Sculpt

This is a series that tones, lengthens and strengthens your core, muscles, tendons and joints. This class conditions the entire body and builds long, lean muscles through a challenging and innovative sequence of exercises, blending intervals of core training, yoga, isometrics and resistance work. Weights are used for an extra challenge! It is the "ultimate" sculpting routine!

Pure Sculpt AMPED UP

Kick up your regular sculpt class a notch! This is your sculpt class with just a little more spice! This class will add in additional inversions and variations to challenge you to take your practice to the next level. ** Some sculpt experience recommended.


Take your practice to the next level with our HIIT class. We take the temperature down and the intensity up. Beginning with dynamic stretches, transitioning into a series of short and intense cardio, strength and plyometric intervals, then finishing with a mindful yoga cool down and stretch. This class is a total body workout guaranteed to leave you invigorated.


This is a faster version of our Pure HIIT class. It is shortened to 45 minutes instead of the regular 60 minutes. We will still work you just as hard, just give you a little less rest!

Warm Yin

Yin yoga is an excellent introductory practice which targets tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. It is a unique style of yoga which works to increase flexibility and rang of motion, mostly in the hips and lower back. As opposed to "yang" energy, which is masculine, vigorous, and moving, the "yin" embodies stillness, relaxation, and calm. In this class, we will use "yin" energy to open the deep connective tissues in the body, by holding poses passively for between one and six minutes. Breath and relaxation techniques are also used to help the body release into poses. This class is ideal if you are looking for deep stretching and relaxation.We will be using blocks and straps to allow you to ease into each stretch slowly and gradually. This class is a perfect antidote to stress and can be complementarity to other more active styles of yoga.

Warm Yin and Yoga Nidra

In this non-heated class, we will move slowly and deliberately through poses to release tension in the muscles and joints and prepare the body for relaxation. You will then be guided through a 30-minute yoga Nidra practice. Yoga Nidra translates to "yogic sleep". Through systematic relaxation, the body can rejuvenate and the mind be more still , allowing the brain to enter a receptive state. In this state, we are able to re-program limiting beliefs and create positive change in our lives. We will end with a very short meditation. All levels welcome. Please note that it is encouraged to lie still for the duration of the Nidra practice. Please bring a blanket, pillow, and socks to allow for maximum comfort.