Teacher Training

Teacher Training

200 hour Teacher Training & Yoga Development

with Kristine, Jojo, Jess, Greg

Transcend any one style of yoga and learn how the practice fits each body. Develop a personal practice and the ability to diagnose, direct and truly help students. Become a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher! Join Kristine Murphy and a team of experts for an immersive Yoga Teacher training that will give you tools to guide you on the mat, as a teacher and in the world.We will push you to learn about yourself and open up and provide you with knowledge that will hopefully allow you to continue to develop your practice and teaching long after the training is complete.


Each day will begin around 8:00am and end around 6:00pm (depending on the daily schedule). Each day will include two varying yoga practices, lectures, hands on workshops, lunch and a few breaks here and there.

Level 1

  • M a y 2 4 - 2 6 , J u n e 7 - 9 , J u n e 2 1 - 2 3

The first hundred hours we will include covering anatomy, philosophy, history, breath work, mechanic of each posture, how to properly do each posture with modifications, injury prevention, an intro into the pure flow sequence, as well as how to teach each posture individually.

Level 2

  • J u l y 6 - 1 4 t h ( I n t e n s i v e )

The second 100 hours will be the same in length as the first 100 hour section. In the second part we will go into more detail with mechanics of postures, styles of yoga, chakra's, breath work/prana, injury prevention and modifications. A major chunk of this training will be how to actually 'teach' a class - music, voice, tone, sequencing, variations, class planning - and will finish with each participant sequencing and teaching their own full length class.

$2950 early bird (till jan 31st) / $3250 (regular pricing)

$500 deposit