Own The Strength In Your Softness

Calgary Yoga

Own it baby,
The world needs us softies ✨✨✨

In yoga, there's a Sanskrit concept called 'Sthira-Sukha', when translated means strength with softness. When we're moving on our yoga mat we shouldn't hold ourselves so rigidly that our entire body is tense, so it's important to remember to find a degree of softness in our poses. Strength vs. softness is useful in hot yoga poses such as Sukhasana (Easy Crossed Legs); we ground down through our sitbones, find strength in our spine and core, then softness as we relax the shoulders down and relax the facial muscles.

This also translates to yoga off the mat as well. Softness is not about being passive or submissive; it’s about embracing vulnerability and compassion. It takes courage & strength to open ourselves up to others, to show empathy and understanding especially when it’s hard, uncomfortable or in the face of adversity. Join us at the best yoga studio in Calgary, we can't wait to meet you.

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