If Your Mat Could Talk

Yoga Mat

If your mat could talk, it wouldn’t lecture. It wouldn’t be disappointed.

Like your yoga practice, your yoga mat supports you, accepts you, and only asks that you come as you are.

It has seen and supported you at your weakest, your most vulnerable, your saddest, or quite the opposite; your most elated, your strongest, your happiest, your absolute best, it knows you just being the most authentic version of YOU!

Meet you on your mat this weekend at Calgary's Best Yoga Studio, PURE HOT YOGA 💧

PS - We have a new amazing teacher to introduce you to: Please meet Mary Armstrong....

Mary began her yoga journey as a dancer, immersing herself in the world of creative expression, and later became an established choreographer, working closely with dancers to cultivate their unique voices. A turning point in her life came when she experienced a spinal injury, leading her to discover yoga as a powerful method for healing both internally and externally.

With a deep-seated desire to guide people in exploring their minds and healing their physical bodies, Mary has dedicated her life to the intersection of movement, meditation, and personal growth. Her passion lies in helping individuals experience internal transformation while achieving new levels of confidence in their authentic selves.

Utilizing her unique abilities as a yoga teacher, dance choreographer, and educator, Mary’s goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of many. Whether inspiring through her teaching, choreographing, or creating innovative programs, she remains committed to cultivating endless learning and self-discovery for both herself and those around her. As Mary continues her journey, she warmly welcomes all who seek growth, connection, and inspiration.

IG - @marylyn_armstron

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