FREE Classes This Month


Our new and lovely instructor Kathleen Keller is holding two free classes on January 21.

Limited spaces so please sign up on Mindbody ASAP !

The first free class is a mat based Pilates session. We all know and appreciate how yoga and Pilates work together so nicely, which is why we are so excited to offer this class.
Pilates Mat work is a system of exercises designed to increase strength & flexibility and engage the mind-body connection.
Every movement is based upon drawing from the body’s core. The Mat work trains the body through controlled and correct patterns of movement using your body weight and gravity.
This class is a wonderful introduction into our registered course coming up in February.

The second free class is an info session on the TRE method.
This fascinating talk will lead into her registered series at Pure in February. Learn an innovative yet basic series of exercises, that allows your body to deeply release muscular and myofascial (connective tissue) holding patterns of tension and trauma. It’s an intentional “pressure valve release” of your central nervous system, to help calm down your oldest brain (the lizard). TRE® can be used to “discharge” the body after a stressful event, or regularly to reduce anxiety and build resilience in your central nervous system over time.

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