Welcome 2023


Happy New Year Pure Fam

As we head into 2023, we like to reflect on the past year and celebrate our wins, deeply feel the lessons and set intentions for the new year. We are so honoured to share one of our members stories with you, as he shared his own refection and health story with us.♥️♥️♥️

Anthony said....
" I went into the emergency room on the evening of December 17th with a mysterious, yet very serious internal bleed somewhere in my GI system. I ended up receiving 22 blood transfusions to keep me alive and eventually needing to go in for emergency surgery. They cut me open from my sternum down to my pelvis and luckily found the issue. The medical term is a “ Dieulafoy lesion“. Going through that extremely traumatic event gave me a whole entirely new perspective on life. Not having any control over my health really made me understand what to focus my energy on and be thankful for my family and friends that all supported me through this. Short while after coming out of the hospital I then met my now wife Hannah. We have been married for 1.5 years. We are now healthy as can be and have decided to come to Pure Hot Yoga to focus on ourselves, strengthen our mental health and our physical being. All my doctors have highly suggested yoga to help detoxify my body from all the meds and sedation I had taken. As well to re-strengthen my core since they had to cut through my ab muscles.
I couldn’t feel more welcomed and taken care of with this community at pure hot yoga. Hannah and I are very happy to now be a part of this family/community. ♥️

Happy New Year and Always remember to B+ (be positive).

B+ is my blood type from all my blood transfusion I received. Be positive ended up turning into my family mantra that helped us all get through that scary time.

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