Workshops with Daniel Rama and Shakti

Daniel Rama and Shakti Yoga Workshop

Please welcome Daniel Rama and Shakti to Pure Hot Yoga for an incredible weekend of workshops, growth and fun. Very well known in the community, Daniel and Shakti will test your boundaries, expand your mind and dive deep into four specific learnings. Any yogi will benefit from their teachings and leave with a new found appreciation for movement and yoga.  

Join us for all four workshops or your favorite one or two.
$45/each or $145 for all 4 workshops

Elevated Inversions SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 : 

This first workshop session is geared towards a fine-tuning of the foundational components needed for a range of inversions including sirsasana, mayurasana and the classic handstand. Participants will find the opportunity to enhance their understanding of proper alignment and activation, as well as experience functional movement patterns designed to shed light on a variety of easy to advanced hand balance asana. All levels are welcome. 

Handstand Skills & Drills - SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 : 

Expanding onward from Elevated Inversion principles, in this session we breakdown additional entries and handstand skills such as hollowbacks, head positions and the seven. Students will also gain exposure to the secrets of sought after asana including flying crow and single arm peacock. It is recommended that participants understand the previous session or possess basic understanding of the components of a classical handstand.  

Flexibility & Mobility Unlocked - SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 : 

The last workshop session being offered by Shakti and Rama, FM Unlocked focuses on lower body flexibility skills such as front splits, middle splits and the subtitles of enhancing hip mobility. Gain techniques and tools for keeping your joints healthy while working towards new range of motion. Don’t miss the chance to learn flexibility secrets proven to help you succeed!

Intelligent Spine Back-Bending - SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 : 

The spinal column is one of the most important aspects of our physical system. In many ways, learning how to positively manipulate the spine, is the key to unlocking ones higher potential. Intelligent Spine is a partly theoretical, partly practical session, designed to shed light on the do’s and don’ts of intelligent back-bending. Participants will walk away feeling motivated and more confident in the act of safely manipulating, and working to improve the overall wellness of the human spine. 

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