My Journey With Yoga

New to yoga?

“YOGA means to YOKE.
The union of body, mind and spirit.

It was 21 yrs ago, I first found my way to a mat not knowing then I would find such a love, master teacher, friend and a meeting of myself.
I learned to speak soul on my mat.
The language that listens and whispers within.
I learned that calm is a super power, breath really is life and that I am the stillness beneath the noise.
It’s the place where who I thought I was got to meet who I really am.
I’ve laughed and cried on my mat.
I’ve had as many tears stream down the sides of my face laying on a yoga mat, as I’ve had slide down my cheeks.
The letting go that comes from a safe space, like a trusted friend sincerely asking ‘how is your heart today?’
I started doing yoga to get better at yoga...but it came with the gift of getting better at life.
Yoga is the religion of You vs. You.

Of continual improvement, incremental change, where effort meets ease and the ‘art of noticing’ sees the beauty in it ALL.”

By Ariana Kane

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