Shape Up & Shine 30 Day Challenge

Shape Up & Shine Challenge

With summer around the corner, now is the perfect time to not only get your body ready, but the mind. We have 30 days packed with all the tools you’ll need to get over the winter funk and feel good. Why we age...get sick...get disease.....What exactly is Oxidative Stress? And Free Radicals? Toxins? How to fight back...What’s in our food?....What’s NOT...find out all this and more throughout the 30 days :) The beauty of this challenge is you can not only immerse yourself in practice but experience benefits to a healthy lifestyle and feel great for summer. This goes so far beyond the mat.


- BeautyCounter Specials with Trish

-FREE consultation with Ariana (Ariana is a certified nutritionist, Corporate Wellness Coach, Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Public Speaker in Health Communications, Passionate Entrepreneur, and fellow lover of PURE an all things Yoga!)

- Ongoing support from instructors and Pure community

- Unlimited access to yoga and fitness at Pure

-Chance to WIN many prizes!

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